by john, December 28, 2016



Based on Othello By William Shakespeare ‘

Directed by John Michael Burdon

Produced by The Puzzle Collective

After presenting their critically acclaimed production of The Tempest: Steampunked for the 2012 Sydney Fringe Festival at Sidetrack Theatre, the recent play reading Margaret of Anjou at the IO Myers Studio & Notre Dame University and the upcoming Superhal – The Superhero Origin Story of Shakespeare’s Henry V at the Parade Theatre (NIDA) in March 2017, The Puzzle is looking to stage their second production for 2017: IAGO.

Set in a future Orwellian nightmare, this production of Othello employs the original text by William Shakespeare but tells the story from Iago’s perspective. Echoing the inversions of writers Gregory Maguire (Wicked), Tom Stoppard (Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead) and of directors such as Matthew Dunster (Imogen at Shakespeare’s Globe), this production aims to turn the tables on the hero as we see the story unfold from the “villain’s” point of view, making us question the motives of familiar characters.

Using very distinct themes of surveillance, the “gay agenda”, political gain, the public eye, lack of diversity, challenging conformist ideals and abuse of power, this production of Othello, edited to a two hour production, propels the audience into a near possible dystopian future as we face the growing possibility of becoming an ultra-conservative society, rigid and uncompromising. Using imagery from George Orwell’s 1984, Bladerunner, A Clockwork Orange and Catch 22, the design is stark and the story, dark. This production aims to provide entertainment that makes the audience think, react and respond to social and government politics. It is bold, unapologetic and has a very strong libertarian message to send to its audience.