SMH article & First Review!

SMH article & First Review!

by prospero, September 1, 2012

If you’ve missed them, here are links to our coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald and our review in Theatre Junkies:

From SMH – ‘TOP hats, leather masks, cyborg eye sockets and corsets will take over the stage in a ”Steampunk” cabaret recreation of The Tempest, as part of this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival. It’s Shakespeare meets ’90s film Wild Wild West in an adaption that combines a 400 year-old play with a growing modern subculture to explore humans’ love affair with technology.
”Steampunk”, influenced by Victorian-era fashion garnished with brass accessories resembling gadgets from science fiction fantasy, forms the basis of John Galea’s contemporary adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s last works.’

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From Theatre Junkies – ‘Director John Galea’s ‘steampunk vision’ of The Tempest is infused with a palpable affection for the potential of the Steampunk aesthetic, which fits Shakespeare’s play like a brass-buttoned leather glove. Whereas many productions of Shakepeare that attempt to update or transpose the Bard’s work into a different setting or genre have a laboured sense of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, Shakespeare’s The Tempest has always lent itself to mythological and futuristic interpretations, and the play feels quite at home in this steampunk production.’

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