The Puzzle’s Cosplay Adventure

The Puzzle’s Cosplay Adventure

by john, September 14, 2016


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Superheroes and Shakespeare – the perfect combination, right?

That’s what we thought when we began work on Superhal! – The Superhero Origin Story of Shakespeare’s Henry V. And from the size of the crowds around our booth at Oz Comic-Con over the weekend, it seems that Sydney’s comic fans agree with us.

We were definitely feeling the love as we connected with fans of both Shakespeare and pop culture. We had our own geek-out moments as we caught sight of our favourite characters from comics, books, movies and games.

The definite highlight of the weekend was watching our costume designer Clare McCutcheon, better known as ‘Henchwench‘, win first prize at the Cosplay championships for her impeccable World of Warcraft Orc costume. Congratulations Clare!

You can see more photos and recordings of our Facebook Live broadcasts from Oz Comic-Con on our Facebook page.

We look forward to more exciting cosplay shenanigans at our Shakespearean Superhero Cosplay Cabaret at the Red Rattler Theatre in Feb 2017!